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Working Communities Challenge Employer Resources

The following list of resources have been compiled by the Working Communities Challenge Grant Partners.


The Working Communities Challenge is a grant awarded to the Springfield District(see map below) of Southern Windsor and Northern Windham counties in 2021 by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. The mission for the Springfield team is to increase workforce participation by removing systemic barriers that impact employment, ultimately creating a more sustainable workforce for employers. 

Employer Resource Group

Is your organization interested in strategies to improve recruitment and retention? 

Join us for the monthly Employer Resource Group meetings. Free and open to all employers, these meetings are an opportunity to learn from content experts on a range of topics, from improving job listings to best practices for onboarding.

Hosted and facilitated by Bev Widger of HRXperienced, the goal for this group is to provide employers with actionable takeaways to improve their organizations. 

Previous topics include:

  • Strategies for Improving Job Postings to Attract Candidates

  • Substance Use in the Workplace: Supporting Staff in Recovery

  • Impacts of Childcare on Employment

Meetings take place third Wednesday of the month at 9am -10 am

Click HERE to register for the next meeting.

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Accessing affordable childcare remains a challenge in our region and throughout the state of Vermont. Currently, in the Springfield region there are 44 childcare providers according to the Bright Future Information System used by the State. 

In the Springfield region it is estimated that families spend roughly 14-18% of their annual income on childcare. According to Let’s Grow Kids, in the State of Vermont, the average is estimated to be as high as 30%. This is a staggering amount. The Dept. of Children and Families recommends a family spend no more than 7% or their annual income on childcare costs. 

Below are a list of resource to help you and your staff navigate childcare in the Springfield Region.


Need help finding/paying for childcare?

Contact: Springfield Area Parent Child Center, Childcare Resource and Referral Specialist, 802-886-5242


Want to provide employees with more support?

Let’s Grow Kids has created a Childcare Benefits Guide for Employers. This step-by-step guide can help employers explore multiple options for improving employee access to childcare.



Independent Search Tools:

Bright Futures Information System:

Let's Grow Kids Childcare Lynx:


Want more information on childcare in VT?

Building Bright FuturesThe State of Vermont's Childcare 2021 Report:

Let's Grow Kids - Stalled at the Start Report 2022:



Transportation barriers consistently impact the ability of regional residents to find and maintain employment.

Southeast Vermont Transit (SeVT) has created the following Ride Guide as a comprehensive list of travel options throughout the region. This guide is for all members of the community but can be used to find transportation options to access employment. 







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Map of the Springfield Region

For more information about the Springfield Area Working Communities Challenge you can contact Amanda Sidler, WCC Coordinator, or 802-885-3061.

Visit our website:

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